Stones and the Elements

THE ELEMENTS You can use
to help you GET what you need

All of life is made up of 4 elements, the Asian principals claim 5 adding metal, but for what we are doing with the earth trine in 2009 and all this EARTH ERA energy …, lets work with the 4 elements. GOLD AND SILVER Are elements. GOLD IS YANG or fire and Silver is YIN or water element.. Too emotional, get rid of the silver, too outgoing and harsh and pushy, get rid of the gold.

FIRE is the basic action of procreation, the urge to move forward and get going. Stones, which resonate with this, are Ruby, Garnets, Orange Carnelian and the fiery stones (THESE STONES INCREASE OUTGOING ENERGY).

Earth is the energy to build, to settle, and to create a lasting foundation. Amber is an earth element as it is made from resins from trees, river stones, Most agates, and others like jasper, Peridot for healing and petrified wood: MOST stones associated with healing the physical body are EARTH stones (GROUNDING).

Air is the element of ideas, imagination and communication the air sign stones are Related to communicating more easily, knowledge, learning and ideas. They are Rose quartz, Rhodenite, Iolite and many BLUE TOPAZ .

Water is emotions, psychic ability and is quite available in Moonstone, Labadorite, Pearls, tanzanite, amethyst, and many other stones (These stones connect you into others emotions and energy, care when you use them please).

MANY STONES are a mix of the above. THINK about the many colors of flourite, the colors control the stones often.

And the Chakra colors are great to learn.. (RED for manifesting, ORANGE for creativity, YELLOW for Centering into self, GREEN for heart, BLUE for speaking your truth, PURPLE for higher vision, WHITE for bringing in assistance from above, connecting to purity and clarity without emotions messing it up..

OBSYDIAN is a mineral compressed into a glasslike substance and is fire and earth. Thus a very protective and wonderfully powerful energy.

Clear quart crystals are the exception, they vary and you need to find these stones to resonate with your own energy. IT is best never to buy a quartz crystal for anyone but yourself. AND use care if you receive too much information or are in a depressed or negative frame of mind about using Crystal which AMPLIFIES what is going on. MAKING IT MORE AND MORE INTENSE:..

  • SO FIRE IS YANG: Outgoing
  • AIR IS YANG Outgoing
  • Water Is Yin inwards action
  • Earth is usually Yin, but some earth stones can carry a lot of Yang energy

MANY STONES are a mix of the above. YOU MAY HAVE RECEIVED: or need to get:

BLACK TOURMALINE: The most protective energy there is. dispels negativity and protects against harmful energies such as anger, envy, and greed. Recognized as the “Teller” stone, all Tourmalines provide insight during times of difficulty or struggle and can aid in “telling” who or what is causing the problem. Black Tourmaline is well-known and most valued for its grounding effects, as are Obsidian, Hematite, Bloodstone and Smoky Quartz. However, for grounding of spiritual energies Black Tourmaline is the first stone of choice.

Selenite: Said to be the “Stone of Mental Clarity,” Selenite is thought to be a bringer of light. Often referred to as “scanners,” Selenite is said to have the ability to scan the body for disease or malfunction, pinpointing what areas may need attention. The stone itself is also thought to have the ability to clear etheric blockages so one can gain knowledge on how to move forward toward a cure. It is thought to have been a healing tool in Atlantis. Selenite can be used for scrying into both the past, present and future. Past life regressions are assisted with the use of these crystals. They are also said to be good for dream recall.

UNIKITE: Carrying the gemstone as a companion stone will help you to maintain a balance between your spiritual and physical lives. Allowing them to join forces in assisting you to create the life you need. excellent at removing obstacles to your personal growth. Meditations with this gemstone will aid in releasing pain and anger that you are having trouble letting go of. You may use Unikite to build your self-confidence, as it strengthens your courage, assisting you in taking control of the aspects of your life that you can yield power over. Giving you confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Like love and compassion for yourself.

Moon Stone: A very YIN and watery energy: The Moonstone is said to assist with female issues and with childbirth. By unblocking the lymphatic system, it can heal and balance the stomach, pancreas, and pituitary gland. It can reduce swelling and excess body fluid. Placed under the pillow it will allow for a more peaceful sleep, and is often used as a cure for insomnia, and used along with the amethyst. (I personally use this one with GREAT CARE).

Golden Citrine: In ancient times, citrine was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. Citrine is known as a “success” stone because it is told in folklore to promote success and abundance, especially in business and commerce. Citrine is one of the only stones that dissipates negative energy and never requires cleansing or clearing. It emits a warm energy that promotes optimism. It attracts abundance and is known as “a merchant’s stone” to be placed in a cash register or where one conducts business, to not only acquire positive wealth but to maintain it as well. It enhances the body’s healing energy and opens the conscious mind to intuition. It helps one adjust and adapt to process changes, feeling confident and secure. Citrine’s magnetic radiating energy can aid in voice projection, making this the perfect stone for actors and public speakers. Some find it helpful in building self-esteem. This crystal is an invaluable aid to the digestion of all emotions, place it on the solar plexus in crystal healing layouts. I find that Citrine is useful in combating decisiveness allowing me to make important decisions on a regular basis.

THE MOST important thing to remember about stones and crystals is to find that which works for you and when it no longer works. Move up, like a classroom, when you learn the lesson, put that item of jewelry away, or give it away and move on to the next lesson the earth has to give to you.

Jewelry is an easy way to create energy. Medicine bags should be done every 6 months at least as your energy changes. You may also note stones and crystals losing their color and clarity as they lose their power.

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