Custom Made by Carol

Custom Made Jewelry By Carol  (have you ever thought of having a magical energy jewelry piece made just for you?  I am not a jeweler but can make wonderful energy necklaces and earrings)  Please check out my necklace page, any of those wonderful pieces could be put onto the stone of your choice.

Look at these and think about a $35 Chinese Animal Totem, I have lots of options but a simple bead necklace of Smoky quartz, mother of pearl, onyx, jade, or some other stone would make a lovely gift and magical piece for you to wear forever, also my Quan Yins and Buddah’s make great pieces  I also have all the 12 magical Zodiac animals for chinese astrology in different sizes and types of Jade

Please scroll down to look at the bracelets. If you have any questions about the jewelry on this page or would to purchase one or more of the pieces, please use the contact form to send me a message. Before you go to the Contact Me page, please write down the number of the jewelry piece. I will need to know the number so that I can answer your questions.








I have made handmade jewelry for many years and about given it up but the new Amulets and dragons really inspire me.  So, I have some pieces I have made and will be happy to custom make pieces if you wish to pick out a Amulet or pendant and let me know the size and we can discuss prices.   these 24 inches of real stones in these  necklaces below  run from $80 to $115, I will be posting the other pieces and more information soon




 $85   this piece is wonderful Dragon and Phoenix, the Energy of the protector mixing with the female energy of rebirth, renewal and reconnection to source.  This is a lovely Jade dragon piece measuring 2 inches in diameter, the beading is Jet and Smoky quartz with antique brass settings.  this piece made by me is one of a kind, 24 inches in length (i can shorten pieces but they are then NON refundable)   As you can see by the picture below the beads are wonderful cut and clarity and this protective and energizing piece is one of a kind

With each piece of jewelry you purchase from me you will receive a sheet with the picture of the piece on it and a metaphysical description of the energy of your healing jewelry

#2  $87  Very  OLD JADE 2 inch Dragon and Pearl brining you the gift of the world



When  picking up this Dragon I felt the energy it wanted was Onyx for grounding and manifesting, Silver for intuition, and DARK GREEN real jade beads for the spiritual aspect, then the Dark wonderful Red Coral kind of added something of the sea and Red is fire, so, with the silver we have Fire, Earth, Air and Water , though this piece may be sold I can remake it very much like this , but not exactly, I am promising everyone ONE OF A KIND pieces:  BUT I ahve all the stones except the oval Piece above the dragon:  24 inches long and wonderful.
$75  Ziapo Jade, which is oftentimes called Cameo Jade as it is 2 pieces carved and put together, lovely and this is the CELESTUAL Dragon the King of heaven and protection: The Dragon is 1 and 1/2 inches long and the necklace is 21 inches long.  The lovely stones which this Dragon chose are 2 colors of Jade, very dark green and lighter green, Onyx both smoothe and fasceted cut old silver and 4 small jet beads attaching the dragon to the neckace finish off this wonderful Piece, I have everything I need to recreate something very much like this one as I think it may be sold




$85  Hand Carved Sea Shell Dragon and Phoenix Love Amulet, this does not have to be about physical love, or  male and female but love of life, and of course since this does have the male and female energy on it, (Phoenix is the queen of Heaven) and the Dragon is the King of Heaven, it could be a love amulet for that type of love also.  21 inches of Real pearls and Red Coral and silver, this is for sure about intuition, and with the excuisite silver carries the gift of intuition and connection to source…   this one is  really lovely and I will be using this carved sea shell dragon in other pieces for sure







$90   5 Bats, Black Jade, Silver and Onyx for a magnificent statement of power and connection to your own power as well as LUCK:   the 5 bats are luck in Love, Money, Friendships, work and health  (bats in chinese is the word for LUCK) 24 inches of wonderful Jade and all good things, blessing amulet, Amulet is 2 inches long by 1 and 1/2 wide and really lovely cut so that you can see color of what you are wearing through the amulet





$20   JADE Dragon and Phoenix Earrings  2 inches of Real Jade, one is Phoenix and one is the Dragon with Lovely red coral and silver, I have these earrings in Carnelian and goldstone and white jade also, just not made up yet, I am more than willing to do special orders on these so you get exactly what you desire





This sold for $85 to the first person looking at these online.and now I have made another one…..  and If you visit my AMULETS PAGE I am happy to take a dragon or amulet you like and create something special for you.  Prepaid of course, I do refunds but am believing that anyone getting one of these will treasure it forever  (this was white Jade, white onyx, and the lighter green Jade with lots of silver and a wonderful dragon which I have several more of …all of them are a bit different in color but wonderful quality.







$65   LOVELY Labradorite Quan Yin 24 inches in length

$25   Lovely 18 inches of Malachite, and i can add a center piece on this for you if you desire





$60  LOVELY Quan Yin with Smoky quartz, Old Jade, brass and silver and the stones in the neckace which is 23 inches long are REAL Smoky Quartz, wow what a piece and I can shorter or lengthen any of these for you if you wish


$20 Quan Yin on Lucky Red Cord, add $25 and I will make you a gemstone necklace to go with this piece of Labradorite, Onyx, Jade, white, yellow or black , or smoky quartz, Pick your Amulet off the Amulet page and let me create something especially for you

#1   Bracelet  $15  Mookaite Jasper Beads Gemstone Bracelet 8 inches in length set in Lovely Silver, the colors are great and you will love this bracelet.


#2  Bracelet  $20  Lovely Multi strand of twisted Carnelian and agate, this lovely and energizing bracelet is protective and enlightening Orange and Darker colored Carnelian, with some small agate beads.

This bracelet stretches to fit 8 inch wrist or can fit someone much smaller also

#3 Bracelet $25 
  Lovely Rhodenite bracelet, the picture does not show it, but this is just one strand of the Rhodenite stones set into silver, not 2 strands  8 inch bracelet


The story of jade

Jade: courage; dispels negativity; protection; wisdom a stone for the shaman in us Jade is said to be a stone of the heart, strengthening it as well as the kidneys, nervous system and immune system and to promote health in the organs that purify the blood. Jade of all types and colors are very protective and particularly strong for children against illness. Jade also has very powerful calming vibrations that are beneficial in a great many ways.
• Green creates calm, harmony and peace, it will counteract depression, banish evil spirits, and may produce dreams that are vivid and accurate.
Black is helpful when one is feeling under attack and survival is even in question, this stone will give one strength to fight.
Blue helps to neutralize karmic influences and the emotional issues that are tied to them, as well it will assist in relaxation and meditation.
Brown or Gray calms and drains off excessive energy; temporarily less the impact of many karmic events. These colors will also help with adjusting to new surroundings, and settling negative events in the home.
Lavender is known to assist with fresh ideas and creativity. It is said to bring psychic understanding of ones dreams, and to aid in recovering form any negative love situation.
Orange or Pink are both said to be beneficial in creating healthy skepticism.
Red is known to aid in dealing with feelings of anger and releasing tension.
White is extremely calming and can be used for grounding as well as assist in making decisions.
Yellow is told to help one gain a better understanding of the opposite sex. IT IS SAID that A MULTICOLORED bracelet worn on the right hand brings in all you desire in life, and on theleft hand bestows these gifts not only to you but to others

please visit my amulets page and see all the colored jade pieces which I now have for

# 4  Bracelet  $18  I have 5 of these Multi colored stretchy JADE (yes, real Jade) bracelets   they fit 7, 8 and 9 easily

A Bracelet  $18


B  Jade Bracelet  $18  Golden yellow jade


C Jade Bracelet $18 

D Bracelet