I  purchased one of these pieces and immediately it (Talked to me) and I saw the Angel energy which is trying to bring us connection to source.  The different stones and shapes of course bring different types of energies…

# A-1  Angel

Please think about one of these for a GIFT OF SPIRIT TO BRING angels and the energy of love and protection to someone, they are of course wonderful for Christmas or Holiday presents.  $25 normally, now $20 and off and away with a gift from Nature and this wonderful Jeweler …   Remember all of these are one of a kind and when it is gone…you have to find something else..  How about gifting an angel for your AUTO, for a friend, or  loved one, or put one on your desk at work?

All of the angels are STERLING silver and Real gemstones. and RUN AT LEAST 1 and 1/2 inches long and all of them are over 40 carats, and some 140 carats.  These are large and WONDERFULLY energizing and WHAT A DEAL: I am hearing so many testimonials for those of you wishing to work with a special gemstone and the healing ANGEL part of this really helps…>  AND:::**  some of you are saying they are fairy energy, whatever RINGS your bells is what I say they will be for you, they …to me…seem to offer a new and wonderful way to work with the stones energies.  All of these are wonderful and I know many of us need this energy not only of the stones but of angels now

# A-2  Angel        

# A-3 (I have 2 of these) ANGEL  Lovely Amethyst, this one takes my breathe away and feels so connected to source :  THIS ONE is about 3 inches long and almost as wide do not let the small looking picture fool you.   I cannot believe everyone does not want one of these to give to a loved one, to hang on a Tree, or in the car for magical gemstone energy.   130 carats of Snowflake Obsydian and about 10 Carats of Amethyst for $20… I can barely believe the deals I am getting for you all

# A-6  Angel  $20 Isn’;t it amazing how the same stones and almost same Design feel different by the shape of the main body of this great Obsydian?  I honor the jeweler who creates his settings around these stones and allows them their own integrity, She does the same as the one above but with less structure, less order and More freedom or this is what she feels like to me..
# A-8  Angel   $20    this is 2 inches in length with bale, about 1/2 inch smaller than the piece above, this lovely SILVER energy with Snowflake Obsydian seems to say lets focus, imagine and believe we can do it and move foward, the carats to this one are about 55, this may be the smallest Carat wise of the pieces and so simple, elegant and lovely

# A-9  Angel $20  A new angel has flown into town and is she lovely

Mosaic quartz which looks rather like fire opal with blues and greens at her head and on each side 2 lovely pearls surrounding a lovely Rose quartz body:  THIS piece feels airy and lovely and intuitive and magical, you will adore this watery and imaginative healing energy.

# A-10  Angel $20
Rose Quartz Body and lovely Blue Topaz stones for clarity…I have 2 with bodies slanting one to the right, one to the left, otherwise the same except for the rose quartz body:  Love and connection to your own truth are the gifts of these Angels, blue is the stone of CLARITY and vision and Rose quartz is about opening to recognizing we are truly worth all we desire and more 
# PTQ-1  Angel $20  Copper Green Turquoise (i have 2 of these)  WONDERFUL and energized with Lots of wonderlly worked silver and a lovely 6 carat Red kunzite, this is the power stone of 2012 once you see this you will absolutely love it    OVER 100 Carats of REAL COPPER TURQUOISE

# A-15  Angel $20 Lovely Rose quartz with Kunzite, over 100 carats of love energy, healing and positive with courage and bravery , this angel is wonderful as are they all, but such great quality Rose quartz

# A-20  Angel  $20    109 Carats of Wonderful Mookaite, and smoky quartz makes this piece a kind and wonderful piece of protection and at the same time giving the ability to assist others, this could easily be a healers or psychics go to piece when working with others, or just someone wanting to open to all of the qualities of Mookatite, above and also feeling protected by the smoky quartz.

# A-23  Angel $20  Mookatite, softer colored than the ones above, with wonderful RED KUNZITE saying RIGHT NOW, i will make the mental and emotional and physical changes to manifest what I am here for.  AND Feel safe and grounded and protected as I move foward, this is a help you move piece for sure.  over 105 carats

# A-24  $20  2 and 1/2 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inches wide 137 carats of PURE lovely and wonderfully darkredish brown Mookatite, this piece has lovely siver work along the outside and is quite wonderful
# A-29  Angel  $20  Circle of Love and passion Angel, the flow of the circle says to me many incarnations of working on love, trust and being brave enough to face this world and incarnate again and again in LOVE and learning.  The lovely Brazilian Citrine is 2nd chakra, ORANGE energy of passion, creativity, life and …wow…this is the piece which says, ok I am ready for love and passion and ready to honor the circle of life and be and have all that I desire now and forever, and in learning that? Maybe this wheel of life will be much easier next time.  NO I AM NOT NUTS folks, these pieces of such a large amount of stone, the lovely Sterling silver work, really SPEAK to me and I know they will to you also, and maybe say something even better to you.

# A-32  Angel $20 Rare and Precious Seraphanite and Red Kunzite


Seraphanite can be used to clear clouded areas of all the Chakra and especially to assist in opening the Heart Chakra. It is also believed to help activate the kundalini, or ‘serpent fire’ energies. By placing this stone on the Crown Chakra, it initiates the movement of kundilini energy up the spine. Relaxes one’s overall nature. ..this one really gets your energy centers open and humming
Seraphinite is a stone which emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. Renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure. Works on the heart and lungs by helping to withdraw toxins and activates the absorption of nutrients and oxygen. It is used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia, eliminates parasites and used to increase the absorption of magnesium and calcium.


  # A-39  $20 almost 2 and 1/2 inches of wonderful Moss agate, Green Garnet at the top with 2 small healing Amethysts



A-43  Angel  Over 110 carats of wonderfully healing and connected to the earth Moss agate with 3 lovely BLUE Topaz stones at the top, this is a piece like most of these over 2 and 1/2 inches long of hand worked silver and excellent stones, you cannot find anything better to do energy work with, hang these angels up in your car, or on your desk at work, or wear them to help clear energy and assist you on your path.

  A-46  Angel $20  2 and 1/2 inches of WONDERFUL 90 carats of Rose quartz, the flower head on the top feels like good things blooming and with the blue topaz at the right side, you are bringing clarity, vision and love to both sides of the brain, and balancing this with the lovely energy of lots of wonderfully worked sterling silver (ALL THE ANGEL  PIECES ARESTERLING SILVER)______________________________________________________________________________
# A-47  Angel  Powerful Tiger Eye and Blue Topaz. You cannot see the lovely dark browns which run through this protective piece and Did you know that TIGER EYE is the stone to bring soul mates together?  Not just romantic but that partnership you need for business or in love…this is the stone for it..

It can help slow the flow of energy through the body which makes the gem very helpful in stress related illnesses, but also may create an issue if you do not want to stem your energy…do not wear jewelry containing tiger’s eye for too many consecutive days. This is a stone of balance, money, and true love.  I use this stone as an  emotional balancer that soften stubbornness and gives clear insight. It will ground and center, thus strengthening the connection with will and personal power.

# A-49  Angel $20  Seraphanite and Red Kunzite and Conjac Citrine.  This piece has it all wrapped in a trinity of Manifesting stones at the top and a healing and spiritually opening Seraphanite.



# A-51  Angel $20  107 carats of pure and lovely Rose quartz with lovely silver work, the scrolls, 5 of change in number each have 2 dots of silver inside them making this piece a 10 …which is 9 of endings and 1 of new beginnings all rolled into one.  Rose quartz is a much overlooked energy and oftentimes upon our metaphysical path we get it in the beginning and then move on.   MANY TIMES I come back to my rose quartz babies in my jewelry box to REMIND myself, that (I, me, myself and I ) deserve Love and all that I try and give to others, this stone helps you REMEMBER what you may have forgotten upon the road to helping others.
These are some pieces that though they may not be looking like angels are from the same person who creates all these lovelies…and he sees and THINKS angels as he creates…so they are included:

# A-53  ANGEL  Pendant $20 2 and 1/2 inches of lovely flowing feeling rose Quartz, Moss Agate and Green Quartz for healing and loving energy flowing from self into others and the world


# A-54  ANGEL Pendant $20   126 Carats of Snowflake Obysdian  and Blue Topaz

WOW:::TALK about a powerful protection and truth piece, you will really be amazed at the POWER in this piece

# A-55  ANGEL  Pendant  $20    2.5 inches of Moss agate with one lovely Blue topaz at the top


Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings.  It assists midwives by lessening pain and ensuring a good delivery.  Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold.  Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.  It attracts abundance in wealth and improves self-esteem.  Develops strength and the ability to get along with others.  Inspires new ideals after periods of stagnation.  Moss Agate promotes self-expression and communication.  Balances the emotions, releasing fear and stress.  Encourages trust and hope.  It eliminates depression caused by brain imbalances.

Moss Agate speeds up recovery from illness.  It is anti-inflammatory, cleanses the circulatory and elimination systems, and boosts the immune system.  Moss Agate prevents hypoglycemia and dehydration, treats infections, colds and flu, and lowers fevers.  Treats fungal and skin infections
# A-56  ANGEL   $20  2 and 1/4 inches of wonderful MOSS AGATE, see above and lovely golden citrine to uplift and keep energy coming cleanly and clearly to you nomatter what is going on outside, 50 carats of lovely stones and the head of this piece is a wonderfully worked Flower, truly this is my flower child Angel