PLEASE NOTE THE DRAGON BALLS and the smaller oval jade pieces make absolutely WONDERFUL Pendulums to help you with  Getting In Touch With The Deeper Levels Of Our Being  I have all types of energies with the different stones


Please scroll down to look at the pendants and necklaces. If you have any questions about the jewelry on this page or would to purchase one or more of the pieces, please use the contact form to send me a message. Before you go to the Contact Me page, please write down the number of the jewelry piece. I will need to know the number so that I can answer your questions.

With each piece of jewelry you purchase from me you will receive a sheet with the picture of the piece on it and a metaphysical description of the energy of your healing jewelry   Hello, I am happy to provide you with a large selection of unique gifts, amulets, talisman, charm jewelry, and spiritual talismans.

What is an Amulet or Talisman? In my world an object has meaning, animals, minerals, humans, insects, and all upon this planet bring messages and information to us. Hooking into the energy of our furred, finned, feathered, creepy crawly friends and nature can help you hook into your own power.

Magic to me is in everything upon this planet, so YES My choices which I have purchased from individual craftsmen and women is Mystical and Magical and when you believe that, give this energy as a gift, or buy it for yourself, you add to that Magical energy. So, my store offers a selection of Jewelry, Amulets, and charms for you to Express your feelings with a meaningful gift, give a gift of love, friendship, healing, good luck, health, prosperity, protection and sometimes to just help you smile to yourself or others and feel better.

And remember, a good thought, a smile, a friend, and a good hug are Amulets also So, shop with joy and I hope you find what you are looking for, because as I worked with each individual jeweler and artisan I made the intention that the pieces would go to their SPIRIT home to assist those of you whom it truly belongs to and with,. Have you ever seen carvings with such marvelous workmanship? It takes these artist dozens of hours to carve these masterpiece by hands. The whole item is carved from one big piece of solid stone. The carving is an arduous task and needs great skills.

Jade black, some has a greenish cast when you hold it to the light giving a magical quality, Old jade is darker colored and looks ancient…white jade is lovely and from PUREST white to shades of pink, green and brownish is all one of a kind special energy. WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON

ABOUT JADEITE JADE: The value of the jadeite object depends on the colors of the raw stone and the patterns. Equally important is the craftsmanship. The creation of the valuable object is determined by the skill of the jade sculptor and his ability to make the best use of the colors and transparency of the raw stones. Jade can be found in the colors of green, orange, brown, blue, blue-green, cream, lavender, red and white.  It can be translucent or creamy and has somewhat of a soapy feel to it.  Most colors are readily available, but some are rare.

Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity. Much prized in the earth, it signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. Jade is associated with the heart chakra and increases love and nurturing. It is a protective stone, which keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. It is believed to attract good luck and friendship. Jade stabilizes the personality and integrates the mind with the body. It promotes self-sufficiency. Mentally, Jade releases negative thoughts and soothe the mind. Emotionally, Jade is a “dream stone,” and can help bring insightful dreams. Jade balances the fluids within the body and the water/salt-acid-alkaline ratios.

Nowadays, many people place the dragon symbol or image in their homes as a decorative item with the hope that it will intensify the positive energy within.



Pendulum readings are becoming one of the most popular forms of psychic readings today. They require a few simple objects and must be operated with consistency.
A pendulum is simply a small weighted object hanging from a string or wire. The object may or may not have significance to you. Our wonderful Pendulums are Jadeite, green for prosperity and healing and carry a sterling silver Dragon for power and transformation.  Put the chain between 2 fingers and , practice the art of establishing its motion. The pendulum should swing across the field of your vision. It should never go out of sight. Hanging at arm’s length from your face, rock the pendulum back and forth a few times until you find a way for it to arc from side to side at a slow steady pace.
Once you have established a steady swinging movement, the next step is to visually focus on the space of the pendulum. The rhythm of your conscious mind following that object in space repeatedly lets you slowly release the tensions and distractions of daily life.  Your pendulum may go in circles but eventually will establish a linear pattern of swinging, ask when you get a pattern, is this YES:   if you get the same pattern it is the Pendulums message of YES:   if it goes into another pattern, this is NO
The goal of the pendulum is to stoke your intuition. Through intuitive awakening, your psychic senses become sharper and more accurate. Most people can get definite YES and no answers from this Pendulum and I bet you will love this dramatic assistance to your intuition and inner knowing
WHAT IS YOUR CHINESE ZODIAC sign? I have in stock now
$15  Turtle/  Crane : Monkey, Sheep, Goat, Dragon, snake, Tiger,Ox, Rat, Horse, Rabbitt, Rooster, Dog and Pig, Tiger, Fish, Phoenix,  Frog, , Elephant, Cat, Eagle, Horse, whatever your desire, there seems an amulet for you.  Shop and have some fun and bring home your own personal amulet, of course this is the YEAR OF THE DRAGON so there are dragons of every shape and size here on this page:  Please contact Cindy or Carol if you would like one of these animals.  The pictures are not accurate…but I could send you the correct picture when I know what animal you are interested in.  

#2  Amulet  $25   HUGE  (PRICE REDUCTION)    for a one of a kind piece of Hand carved Natural Pink peruvian Opal. oftentimes called Common opal, the qualities of this stone are anything but common. I have purchased 5 cats and they are all different, let me know which one you would like and it can be yours today




If you visit the earrings page you will find some pink opal earrings. Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances the imagination and creativity as well. It helps one release inhibitions and enhances the memory. Opal is also said to be a very spiritual stone, and can help one be “invisible” in situations where they don’t care to be noticed. It has been known to bring happy dreams, and also to ease the process of change.
Pink Peruvian Opal: Despite it’s pinkish natural color, this is not a soft pillow-y kind of energy, but rather incredibly vibrant and stimulating. It raises ones spirit and elevates the mood. This “euphoria” is not the kind that you lose your thought process, but it more attunes you to the natural pulse of love, which of course brings about the shift in attitude, mood and mind. Which in turn helps in balancing the art of giving and receiving. Often we are drawn to one or the other, and have trouble balancing…this opal will help one to see that both side (like yin & yang) are necessary and both are needed for wholeness. I personally see this stone as one which DEMANDS of me that I honor and respect and be open to receiving love as well as giving it. Anyone can use this stone unlike the more traditional opals which oftentimes are a bit of a hectic energy for many
Cat Totem is about allowing the joy and playfulness of life to assist you and being able to also silently and receptively ride with lifes challenges and opportunities.


in WHITE Green Jade )See #5a

#AM-60 Amulet   $15 I am out of the black but I have one of these left in Zippo Jade.  Gorgeous!!!   2 and 1/2 inches long, Very old, rare hand carved Black Protective Jade which is the stone of the shaman, and this carries the magical energy of healing and transformation.  With the dragon carving

Jade: courage; dispels negativity; protection; wisdom a stone for the shaman in us The color Black is used for all protection rituals and this piece is about POWER, PROTECTION, and SECURITY. Dragon energy oftentimes indicates great wealth and power available to you if you are open and willing to accept the responsibilities which come with your new life

the picture is larger than the amulet, all of them are at least 2 to 3 inches in diameter unless indicated otherwise and Real Jade (JADITE of course…the old jade runs about $5,000 For a piece like this, if you could find it…)

The dragon with the pearl there in his mouth indicates he will protect you in all areas of the world you travel in and whatever you do.  Dragons in Asian cultures are the Emperor, the GOOD LEADER who protects his people at all costs.


#AM-2  Amulet  $12    Hand Carved Old Jade Quan yin the Goddess of compassion and mercy.

$12 #AM-61  Small Bloodstone Agate Green Quan Yin
$12 #AM-62  Small Carnelian Agate orange Agate Quan Yin

 Amulet $15  5 Bats Prosperity Amulet black green jade and the most prosperous symbolism in Chinese Astrology is the Bat  I have this in a different shape also…1 bat is for love, 1 for prosperity, 1 for health, 1 for friendships, and one for long life and happiness


A picture of a bat (fu 蝠) can be a visual pun for “good fortune” or happiness. Often the bat is shown flying upside down because the character (dao 倒) for “upside-down” and the character (dao 到) meaning “to have arrived” are both pronounced dao. Therefore, if a person were to say “the bat is flying upside down” a listener could just as easily hear this as “happiness has arrived” which, of course, has a very auspicious connotation. Additionally, “a bat descending from the sky” (fuzi tianlai 蝠子天来) sounds exactly like “happiness descends from heaven” (fuzi tianlai 福子天来).

Two bats facing each other mean double good fortune or happiness.this amulet display five bats which stand for the “Five Blessings”, namely longevity, wealth, health and composure, virtue, and the desire to die a natural death in old age. (View five bat charm.)

A very popular design traditional Chinese houses consists of five bats surrounding the Chinese character for “longevity” (shou壽) which represents the expression wu fu peng shou (五福捧寿) or “five fortunes surround longevity

 I have ordered more of these and more of the GODS Of Fortune amulets also

#AM-7  Amulet LARGE QUAN YIN $15     White JADE, rare and Lovely 3 times this size hand carved and a wonderful Piece for those of you on a healers path or wishing healing and health.

They are wonderful for pendulums, along with the balls I am finding everyone seems to want to wear and use them for psychic dowsing:
#AM-10  Amulet   Black  Jade Dragon spitting ball, this is a lucky dragon to ward off curses, and to help you prosper.  this is TRULY lovely and with great detail.  You know Dragon Spitting pearl is a Piece about NEW MOON or time of increase? (1 of these EXTREMELEY PROTECTIVE AND POWERFUL AMULETS ONLY)***  the ball is the world and the spitting ball energy is the Dragon protecting YOUR WORLD:  see this in another stone at #9 _____________________________________________________________________________

Carnelian is a powerful stone of  PROTECTION against anger and rage   And is said to be the BEST STONE FOR BANISHING SORROW: Orange for creativity and love, Green healing,   Carnelian Helps to dispel apathy, indolence and  Passivity…as well as cleansing negativity A   WOW   stone :   


#AM-11    Amulet $10     Zipao Jade Dragon spitting ball, this is a lucky dragon to ward off curses, and to help you prosper.  Zipao Jade is 2 layers of jade, one piece on the bottom with a top carved piece, not as sturdy as the one piece carvings, but this is TRULY lovely and with great detail.  You know Dragon Spitting pearl is a Piece about NEW MOON or time of increase.
ONE ONLY In this powerful Protecting your world Dragon, it is lovely and the most POWERFUL of the protection from evil and enemy energies)**

#AM-12  #AM-13  #AM-14 AND #AM-15   $15    Pi Xiu Dragon   I DO NOT HAVE THIS IN WHITE….ONLY BLACK  Jade, Lovely and energizing  ONE only Pixiu Dragon is called COMING WITH FORTUNE this dragon can fly and has 4 legs to anchor you into the ground, said to be good luck and the most ferociously protective energy for your property, and your material posessions, he is said to be the guardian of Heaven, (Heaven being your life and your world)*** (1 only in whie green jade)**

Pixiu, Coming with Fortune Pixiu (also called Tianlu or Bixie) is one of the five auspicious animals of traditional Chinese culture (the other four are the dragon, phoenix, turtle and kylin). The Chinese people call it “fortune beast.” This lion-looking beast has the head of dragon, the body of a horse and the legs of a kylin and is able to fly. The Pixiu is both ferocious and powerful so it works as a security guard of Heaven, resisting demons and ghosts. Just like the dragon and the kylin, the Pixiu brings happiness good luck for people and has an exorcising function. What is different from the kylin is that the Pixiu is a ferocious animal and has strong will in protecting its master. That is the very reason why many Chinese people wear jade Pixius.


#AM-18   Amulet $15  this is one of the best carved and most lovely green white jade amulets
it is called the ENERGY and POWER amulet, it represents, fire, earth, air, water and metal.  And the dragon is wonderful, this piece shows, plants, birds, and represents the energy of the earth brought under your power.  Let this dragon come and help you prosper and it certainly feels energizing   THIS IS THE CELESTUAL Dragon representations, see the information at the bottom of the page for more DRAGON info.

#AM-20   Amulets # $15   Tiger of Fortune, for those of you who are TIGERS this is your amulets, for the rest of us, this brings Tiger energy: Tigers appear on amulets because they are powerful animals, symbolize heroism, and are believed to be able to eat evil spirits, or at least cause them to flee, and can in general protect people from misfortune.
Tigers also are able to see well in the dark.::TIGER is the ruler of the beasts upon EARTH  (1 only)***While DRAGON Rules the Beasts of Heaven
#16    $15 (RED Jade Celestial Dragon   NOT THIS COLOR, the color is more like the Carnelian pieces orangey brown, soft and lovely, but this is the piece … those of you knowing anything about Jadite will jump on this one even though the color is incorrect it is 1 and 3/4 inches long and represents the energy of the universe coming to you and red is the chinese new year color for prosperity, heaven knows what light the jeweler put to get this to show up this color..but it is this color: (these 2 pieces have not arrived yet) 

DRAGON, black water Dragon   $15
In China, dragons are more like guardian angels than creatures that kidnap damsels in distress and are slain by knights. The Asian dragon has large claws and whiskers. Snakes are sometimes called “little dragons.” Fish are regarded as baby dragons that haven’t yet grown up. Some dragons are said to have the ability to change into Sea Dragon Kings, Hai Long Wang that wander the oceans and protected seafarers. …ORDER YOUR DRAGON TODAY, or let me know what you want to manifest and I will  let you know which dragon might best suit your needs…
all of these are 18 or 9 and in Chinese Numerology 
Lucky Number Nine The number nine is considered to be the luckiest number because all odd numbers are considered heavenly and nine is the highest single digit odd number; and the Chinese word for nine (jui) sounds like the Chinese word for “long” as in longevity or long life. Nine also symbolizes the nine layers of heaven and is associated with yang, male energy. Multiples of nine such as 18, 27, 81 (9 x 9) and 243 (9 x9 x 9) are regarded as auspicious. The number three is also considered lucky because it divided into nine three times. Five is important because it is halfway between 1 and 9. Imperials dragons have five claws; others have three.
DRAGON is the God of the Sky, air, ideas, and spiritual energy..Tiger is God of the Earth material blessings. and some of these Dragons carry things on the carvings which represent earthly luck and fortune also
#18  Amulet  $15   for one DRAGON and Phoenix, Please state which piece you prefer please and if you wish to order the set, dragon and phoenix it is only $20 extremely lovely Carnelian is 1 and 1/4 inches long with excellent worked silver.  I have 3 of these, they make wonderful earrings, or a lovely and elegant pendant…new and they will go fast I am sure
Carnelian is a powerful stone of  PROTECTION against anger and rage   And is said to be the BEST STONE FOR BANISHING SORROW:  Orange for creativity and love, Green healing,   Carnelian Helps to dispel apathy, indolence and  Passivity…as well as cleansing negativity A   WOW   stone :

#AM-21   The Phoenix is bringing her blessings from the air, and sky (communications and spiritual energy)  to the male Dragon on the earth, the material world…this is a VERY GOOD AMULET for those who wish to marry Earth and Heaven, male and female and who wish to have more balance in their lives.The dragon is yang and associated with the east and spring. Conjoined dragon and phoenix represent the union of a man and a woman. But when they are in this position, it stands for union between male and female energy, as if you personally are garnering both parts of yourself and bringing them together

#AM-23  Amulet $15  White Jade dragon for purity and clarity of vision LUCKY   WONDERFUL TRANSULCENT WHITE JADE VERY BEAUTIFUL

#AM-24  Amulet $15   LUCK dragon Fu (福), which means good luck, fortune, blessings and happiness, refers to the “God of Happiness” who was originally a heavenly star known as the “Lucky Star” (fuxing 福星).  He is also known as the “God of Good Fortune and Blessings” and as the “God of Luck”. (2)

#AM-25  AND #AM-26 Amulet  $15   ONLY AVAILABLE IN WHITE JADE….NOT BLACK.  Dragon of Growth of trust.  This dragon represents the time of GROWTH and has the pearl energy (see above 18 A ) for pearl description  (1 only)
#AM-27    Amulet $15 Dragon of fortune in this pendant the Dragon (celestial) is bringing blessings to the little rat at the bottom right, NOW before you get all in a twitter, in Chinese Symbolism the Rat  symbolizes fertility, abundance and wealth because of its reproductive abilities.  AND THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST LOVELY DRAGONS:  the background is sheerer jade and you can SEE THE GREEN and black so clearly, it is LOVELY and very good MO JO for bringing prosperity to you, growing business, fertility in all GOOD THINGS:

#AM-47  Amulet $15 
 White green Jade Fireball Rat (The rat (laoshu 老鼠) is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. The rat symbolizes fertility, abundance and wealth because of its reproductive abilities. the ball represents the world and all it holds, the FIRE ball represents the power, passion, joy and creativity to bring in the world and heavens into divine prosperity.  I also have this in fabulous Zippo Jade.
#AM-30 (BLACK)  (WHITE)  (GREEN)  Amulet  Dragon black green BLESSINGS Amulet, $15   to bring luck, joy and all blessings to those who carry this piece:  WHAT A GIFT, to give to someone, the energy of Blessing them with all they desire and the luck for it to come to them gently and easily with a lovely Black Green Jade 2012 blessing WE HAVE THIS LOVELY DRAGON IN BLACK AND WHITE GREEN JADE 

#AM-33   Amulet Jade  $15  Dragon And Phoenix the Protector of Heaven and earth, mixing receptivity, with outward motion.  The Dragon is the Lord of the heavens, protection and with the Phoenix he is mixing energetically and sharing power with the (Female)   Phonenix,   this is said to the be LOVE amulet or the Amulet which helps you work on male female issues, whether within Self, or with another,  This is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL of the amulets and I am making neckaces in this right now:  In Chinese Symbolism this represents the best merging energy of both and is said to be the most Lucky and protective of all the symbolisms, you can read about Dragon and Phoenix on other pieces, a very lovely and Energetic piece of Lovely Green White Jade  

#AM-36  Amulet  $15  Tortoise  and Crane
The tortoise (gui 龟) has a long life-span and is, therefore, a natural symbol for longevity. The tortoise also represents strength and endurance. The crane (he 鹤) is believed by the Chinese to live to a very old age and therefore is a symbol of longevity. The crane’s white feathers also represent old age. Myths describe spirits and immortals as riding on cranes. The souls of the dead are said to be carried to the heavens by cranes. The image of the crane was embroidered on the robes of high government officials. Because the pronunciation (he) is the same as that for the word “harmony” (he 合), the crane is sometimes shown on charms to imply a good and harmonious marriage.
Long life, happy marriage, endurance and health are gifts of this amulet according to Chinese tradition and it is very lovely old jade, this is a good piece to give to someone working on health issues since it promotes very good mo jo in the area of the body, mind and spirit coming together to heal and create joyful life energy  (2)



#AM-40….41….42 $10 1 and 1/8  inches of Lovely jade, this is TIGER energy; The tiger (hu 虎) is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac and is considered the ruler of the beasts on Earth as opposed to the dragon which rules the beasts in the sky and heavens. The word for tiger (hu) is also a pun because it has the same pronunciation as the word “protect” (hu 护).
In ancient China, the tiger was the Guardian Spirit of Agriculture which could devour the Drought Demon. The God of Wealth (caishen 财神) is sometimes shown riding a black tiger. Tigers appear on amulets because they are powerful animals, symbolize heroism, and are believed to be able to eat evil spirits, or at least cause them to flee, and can in general protect people from misfortune.


#AM-52   AND IN BLACK #AM-54 AND #AM-55  Amulet $10  Zipao Jade Quan Yin, holding Lotus of enlightenment, this is the Chinese version, you can see a Younger Quan Yin above Buddhist tradition. in # 18M   6 and 8For those of us on the healers path, this is a must have energy, Quan Yin teaches that we are so lucky to be able to give and receive and that we all are responsible for each other upon this path called earthly life
#AM-53  $10 Zipao Jade Quan Yin, This is the Buddhist Quan Yin

#AM-56  Amulet $15   QUAN YIN  absolutely fantastic quality GREEN Black JadeQuan Yin, my own personal GOD Mother, she is the Goddess which allows you to feel compassion instead of anger, love instead of hate and brings blessings to you of forgiveness and healing as you bring this to others

There are nine types of classical Chinese dragons. They are as follows:

  • Tianlong, the Celestial Dragons, are the celestial dragons who pull the chariots of the gods and guard their palaces.
  • Shenlong, the Spiritual Dragons, control the wind and the rain.
  • Fucanglong, the Dragons of Hidden Treasures, are underworld dragons which guard buried treasures, both natural and man-made. Volcanoes are said to be created when they burst out of the ground to report to heaven.
  • Dilong, the Underground Dragons, are earth dragons whose task it is to preside over rivers and streams. According to some accounts, they are the female counterpart of the Shenlong and they fly only in order to mate.
  • Yinglong, the Winged Dragons, are the oldest of all eastern dragons and the only kind with wings.
  • Qiulong, the Horned Dragons, are considered to be the mightiest dragons.Kylin Qilin DragonSpitting pearl this is the dragon who lives in the gardens of the Gods and a very special dragon.and perhaps the MOST PROTECTIVE of those who are doing good and a dragon who loves to live with healers Although it looks fearsome, the Qilin only punishes the wicked. It can walk on grass yet not trample the blades, and it can also walk on water. As it is a peaceful creature, its diet does not include flesh. It takes great care when it walks never to harm or tread on any living thing, and it is said to appear only in areas ruled by a wise and benevolent leader (some say even if this area is only a house). It is normally gentle but can become fierce if a pure person is threatened by a sinner, spouting flames from its mouth and exercising other fearsome powers that vary from story to story
  • Panlong, the Coiling Dragons, are water dragons believed to mostly inhabit the lakes of the Orient.
  • Huanglong, the Yellow Dragons, once emerged from the River Luo and presented the legendary Emperor Fu Hsi with the elements of writing. They are known for their scholarly knowledge.
  • Lóng Wáng, the Dragon Kings, are rulers over each of the four seas, those of the east, south, west, and north. Although their true form is that of a dragon, they have the ability to shapeshift into human form. They live in crystal palaces guarded by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.