How to find the Perfect Gemstone for YOU!!!

Thank you for visiting Magical Gemstone Jewelry.  This business was built from scratch by my Beautiful Mother (Carol Barbeau).  She has personally touched and put her wonderful healing and positive energy in every piece of jewelry you will see on this site.  She also has written a description with her own personal interpretation of each item.  There are even someHand Crafted by Carol” items still left.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Carol Barbeau is a very well known Astrologer and Psychic in the Northwest and throughout the world.  She has helped thousands of people find what they are looking for in life.  You can find out more about her at: 







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Find the stone that you are looking for under one of the categories listed below.  Then go to the top of the page and click on the link of the type of jewelry you are looking for.  (Rings, Pendant, Earrings, Bracelets, Ect…)  Scroll down to the correct category that your stone was listed in and Shop Away!!!!!

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If you want to see these beauties in person, come to one of our next shows.  Future events are listed below Gemstone categories. 

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Didn’t know where to put these on the website, so here they are front and center!

2 of my newest finds and my favorites!!!!

copper-ringRCP-1  Size 8.5  $40.00  Huge chunk of Copper wrapped in heavy Silver!




rabaloneAbalone Snake Ring.  So cool!  Size 6  $30





pbsPBC-1  $30  Bismuth Crystal pendant





prq4Wonderful piece of Lepidolite.  Stone is over one inch long.  $22.00




pPSV-1  $18  Solid Sterling Silver Tree Of Life






*******Gemstone Categories*******

I Can Do It Stones:

*Aquamarine    *Citrine    *Emerald    *Garnet    *Herkimer Diamond

*Markasite    *Quartz Crystal    *Rose Quartz    *Ruby    *Topaz

New Beginnings:

*Druzy    *Copper Metal    *Charoite    *Pyrite    *Red Kunzite


*Black Tourmaline and Black Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal

*Hematite    *Onyx    *Obsidian    *Snowflake Obsidian

*Smoky Quartz


*Amethyst    *Ametrine    *Alexandrite    *Amozonite    *Carnelian

*Fire Opals    *Gold Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal    *Kyanite

*Larimar    *Lapis Lazuli    *Prehnite    *Sapphire    *Selenite

*Turquoise and Green Copper Turquoise    *Unikite

*Mixed stones


*Cameos    *Coral    *Flourite    *Iolite    *Pink Kunzite    *Labadorite

*Moonstone    *Moldavite    *Pearl    *Peridot    *Rainforest Opal

*Opal    *Serephinite    *Silver Metal    *Tanzanite

*Tourmaline (Colored…Black Tourmaline is under protective)

Manifesting and Grounding:

*Agate    *Amber    *Adventurine    *Chrysocolla    *Chalcedony

*Fossils    *Green Onyx    *Jade    *Mookatite    *Morganite

*Malachite    *Rhodocrosite    *Rhodenite    *Sodalite    *Tiger Eye

*White Copper Turquoise   *Ruby Zosite    *Fuschite

Where will we be next?????

Odd Mall in Everett:

Sat. and Sun., Nov. 18th and 19th…..Everett Community College


Odd Mall:  (Emporium of the Weird):

Sat. and Sun., Dec. 16th and 17th


Hope to see you all soon at a show near you!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some examples of what you are going to see…………….

SELENITE THE LIGHT BRINGER we all VERY MUCH need to have, its beauty is only outflanked by its many uses: Selenite is used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. ask your Selenite for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral traveling.or in meditation  Used by healers, teachers and to help us make the leap of faith this is a powerful and wonderful gem (FIND UNDER THE HEADING OF AWAKENERS)

selenitsel hearts







AND MY OWN MAGICAL RINGS:  I wear this almost daily and have purchased several in various sizes  SEE THE LOVELY BLACK DRUZY ring above, protective and energizing and MY PERSONAL Protection power ring.dzr




All of my Jewelry Pieces  are set in Sterling Silver. I thought you might be interested in seeing what metaphysical properties Silver has.     Silver can give you an advantage over others throughout your life. This metal can give you a great deal of poise and command of language when speaking to one person or small groups of people around you which could certainly increase your popularity. It allows you to step back and look at “you” objectively and without judgment. You will easily see the things you need to work on, and this will help you become a better person with this knowledge. You will be given patience to do what is necessary to reach your goal(s) as well as the persistence necessary to get the job done. Silver has the ability to enhance the power of Mother Moon. It strongly connects the physical body to the astral body, actually strengthening the silver cord, giving you the ability to always find your way home from astral travel.
Silver takes the energy of other crystals and directs where that energy goes, so it is perfect for jewelry of all kinds. It can actually bend the course of the crystal energy, and it can even make that energy circular; whatever energy pathway is needed. That crystal energy is readily available for all of the energy centers in the body, the Chakras. Silver pulls negativity out of you and balances all of your energy centers. It pulls toxins from the body, digging down deep into your cells to remove those toxins.
Vibration: 4    Astrological Sign: Aquarius and Cancer  Silver is a YIN energy asking that you receive as well as give to others..