Let there be Light


atte4be8What with Eclipses, and the world news, don’t we all need something to help lighten our load, bring in Light and joy and a sense of all is right with the world?

Citrine is my suggestion to keep a Healthy and happy heart and with earrings (the same with your mind)  Citrine the stone of abundance and my first Choice for a cheerful Mind and happy heart,  This wonderful golden or yellow gemstone clears negativity as it brings light and joy and love to you:  THE ONLY STONE WHICH CLEARS ITS own negative energy which it picks up from you, others around you and your environment

Did you know the totem of Swan is said to bring you the  Swans GRACE, BEAUTY and most of all the empowerment of SELF: The Swan is one of the most powerful  and ancient of totems. Swan can show you how to access the inner beauty within yourself and in others. A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness and the intuitive abilities within you. Swan asks you to accept the healing and transformation and GROW  (under Citrine gemstones, see some of our other LOVELY Swans:  AS it helps you flow above lifes troubles and woes, get a swan for yourself today and feel its energy.

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