Smoky Quartz is the most Protective stone of the zodiac

Smoky Quartz is the stone which you will rarely find me without.  I have large crystals in my office and usually carry a piece of this stone on me.  I wear these post earrings even around the house when I am not seeing anyone.  the energy of Smoky quartz feels like a soft bath, warm, comforting, and safe.

SMOKY QUARTZ, one of my favorite stones: ONE of the most efficient grounding, centering and protective stones there is.

GENTLY reduces stresses and assist us to tolerate difficult times with Equanimity and resolve. GROUNDING, spiritual and neutralizes all negative vibrations. LIFTS Depression relieves fear and brings emotional calmness. HELPS release fear of failure and helps between alpha and beta states of the mind.


I love to mix it with Citrine the stone of abundance and this stone is said to clear negativity as it brings light and joy and love to you : THE ONLY STONE WHICH CLEARS ITS own negative energy, and clears yours also …and said to be the MERCHANTS stone and bring money and abundance