HOW To use stones

Someone posted asking me how to use the stones and how to figure what to get for a friend or family member.

For myself, I love jewelry, earrings near the head to help with thought patterns, necklaces worn low to help heart energy.  And, I have always stuffed rocks into my bra…Sorry, but it is the truth, I like stones, and oftentimes find something that is not a piece of jewelry and need lots of that energy.  So, I call that my 3rd pocket.   Men and women oftentimes carry stones in their pockets as touch stones, or lucky or worry stones.  PLEASE NEVER EVER USE THE WORD   (worry stone)  you have then named your poor little stone a nasty and negative name.

Instead how about positive thought stone?  Or I imagine good stuff stone?  Or wishes and dreams stone?

How to pick the correct stone for you.  First I usually see people when they are in the presence of the jewelry going for the correct thing for themselves.  I will try and deter someone away from a downer stone if they need cheering up.  OR A cheer up stone if they need grounding and centering.

Buying for someone else, first suggestion is a kiss…   ask them what they like….you can always purchase a gift certificate from me for an amount and tell the person you wish to gift to go shopping.  (KISS is keep it simple sweetie)

SAFE stones always are Rose quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, by Safe I mean stones which will not open you too much or shut you down too much, these stones cooperate with your energy.  Some stones want to OPEN DOORWAYS and kind of push you through, moonstones, opals, all reflective stones are emotionally connective stones.

All Fiery and bright and shiny stones want you to do the same.  Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire, have great energy but kind of push a bit so maybe these might not be the best if you are ill.   Read my articles and use stones, around you in the house, on your person in jewelry or tucked in a pocket or bra, or hung on a cord or string around your neck.

Nature is US, and the more we connect to this part of us, the better our lives and our connection to source.  At least that is my humble belief and Try it and see if you can find a stone which I have written about which will help you do something you have had problems with.  Try it, and see how it works, and if you are in the presence of a stone or jewel you do not like.  DO NOT WEAR or buy it, please,  It is not bad, it is just not yours Right now.


Namaste  Carol Barbeau

Smoky Quartz is the most Protective stone of the zodiac

Smoky Quartz is the stone which you will rarely find me without.  I have large crystals in my office and usually carry a piece of this stone on me.  I wear these post earrings even around the house when I am not seeing anyone.  the energy of Smoky quartz feels like a soft bath, warm, comforting, and safe.

SMOKY QUARTZ, one of my favorite stones: ONE of the most efficient grounding, centering and protective stones there is.

GENTLY reduces stresses and assist us to tolerate difficult times with Equanimity and resolve. GROUNDING, spiritual and neutralizes all negative vibrations. LIFTS Depression relieves fear and brings emotional calmness. HELPS release fear of failure and helps between alpha and beta states of the mind.


I love to mix it with Citrine the stone of abundance and this stone is said to clear negativity as it brings light and joy and love to you : THE ONLY STONE WHICH CLEARS ITS own negative energy, and clears yours also …and said to be the MERCHANTS stone and bring money and abundance