Blue for Clarity!


The powerful healing stone, Larimar is finely tuned with the human body. It has been used to stimulate the upper chakras (4th~7th), in particular the Throat (5th) Chakra. Pendants, Necklaces and Earrings are especially well suited for Larimar settings, bestowing wonderful, some would say, magical benefits to the wearer. Speech, communication and the body’s natural healing processes are all enhanced.

Larimar’s beautiful blue color reflects “answers from the sea of consciousness” while softening, enlightening and healing in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways. Larimar has excellent energy for communicating with dolphins, sea creatures of all kinds and is known as the “Atlantis” stone. Emitting energy of Love, Larimar represents peace and clarity.

Inspiring and assisting one toward improvement, one is calmed and able to keep their energy collected allowing one to “see” events or the true Self from a different perspective. Let the magic of Larimar endow your higher beauty! You too deserve to be a Larimar Princess!  larimar