Welcome to a New Way to Work with Stones

Are you aware?  that when you wear a ring on your RIGHT HAND the gemstone guards, protects and funnels energy safely, or more powerfully away from  you?  And gemstones worn on the right hand give this energy to others?

Rings worn on the left hand protect and keep negative energy from coming to you, they are kind of your first defense system..

That Earrings bring the energy of the stone to your head and can help with headaches, or even sometimes cause them, if you are very sensitive and have on a stone which is receptive and picking up too much (Stuff)?

OF course my favorite always seems for most folks to be 1. Smoky Quartz and love it with the energy of Citrine added



2  Amethyst works for everyone and my personal favorite is the GREEN Amethyst which allows the healing energy to go into your body..(4th Chakra) While Purple channels it to your 3rd eye and psychic centers.



3   Rose Quartz which is the gentle bubble bath of Love for us all, asking us to be nicer to self and recognize our own worth, value and how far we have come 

Over time you will see much more on this site and please visit my articles page and the new ANGEL page, I so love these magnificent stones and how they bring energy to us as we wear them near our hearts or on a long chain near our 3rd Chakra, the (I CAN DO IT CHAKRA)***

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