Overview on where to find gemstones and SALE SALE SALE

seslcl1dzrJanuary is here and we are almost into the energy of February, we are still honoring the sale below and HIGHLIGHTING wonderful new magical bracelets, many are not on the site yet and we have all styles and gems (Almost)  my energy for January has been and will continue through February:

         SELENITE THE LIGHT BRINGER we all VERY MUCH need to have, its beauty is only outflanked by its many uses: Selenite is used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. ask your Selenite for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral traveling.or in meditation  Used by healers, teachers and to help us make the leap of faith this is a powerful and wonderful gem (FIND UNDER THE HEADING OF AWAKENERS)***

AND MY OWN MAGICAL RINGS:  I wear this almost daily and have purchased several in various sizes  SEE THE LOVELY BLACK DRUZY ring above, protective and energizing and MY PERSONAL Protection power ring.

WE ARE STILL DOING 10% off and look below please to find where you gemstone choice is listed. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2014

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  • I Can Do It    Gemstones  are :::
    Aquamarine        Citrine , honey and Citrine with Markasite
    Citrine (YELLOW is on the Protection page)
    Emeralds (Look for Druzy on the New beginnings page)*
    Garnet         Morganite
    Quartz Crystals of all colors and Rose Quartz
    Ruby’s   T
  • Protective Gemstones are::::  Black Tourmaline    Black Tourmulated quartz        Hematite    Onyx    Obsidian            Smoky Quartz    Snowflake Obsidian
    YELLOW Citrine      Golden Citrine and Citrine with markasite is on the
  • Awakeners gemstones are :::  Amethyst      Alexandrite  Amazonite
    Carnelian      Fire Opals   Gold Tourmalated quartz
  • Green Copper Turquoise    Golden Tourmulated Quartz
  • Kyanite    Larimar     Lapis  Lazuli      Prehnite    Sapphires in all colors,    Selenite       Turquoise         Unikite

Guidance  gemstones are :::    Cameos     Coral     Flouurite      Iolite
Kunzite white and pink        Laboradite
        Moonstones of all colors   Moldavite
        Opals in all colors       Pearls     Peridot     Rainforest Opals    Seraphinite
Silver Metal
    Tanzanite   Tourmaline (except black which is under protection)

  • Manifesting and Grounding   gemstones are
    All of the Agates    Amber   Adventurine
    Amber        Chrysocolla     Chalcedony           Fossils Flourite    Fuchsite
    Green Onyx         Jade          Lapis Lazuli     Mookatite       Morganite    Malachite           Rhodocrosite    Rhodenite      Sodalite     Tiger Eye     
  • White Copper Turquoise

NOVEMBER 2013 Let there be Light


atte4be8What with Eclipses, and the world news, don’t we all need something to help lighten our load, bring in Light and joy and a sense of all is right with the world?

My suggestions this month are Citrine to keep a Healthy and happy heart and with earrings (the same with your mind)  Citrine the stone of abundance and my first Choice for a cheerful Mind and happy heart,  This wonderful golden or yellow gemstone clears negativity as it brings light and joy and love to you:  THE ONLY STONE WHICH CLEARS ITS own negative energy which it picks up from you, others around you and your environment

Did you know the totem of Swan is said to bring you the  Swans GRACE, BEAUTY and most of all the empowerment of SELF: The Swan is one of the most powerful  and ancient of totems. Swan can show you how to access the inner beauty within yourself and in others. A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness and the intuitive abilities within you. Swan asks you to accept the healing and transformation and GROW  (under Citrine gemstones, see some of our other LOVELY Swans:  AS it helps you flow above lifes troubles and woes, get a swan for yourself today and feel its energy.

CTTct butterameth,citr,peridot7_5citrine1.5.emorganiteearringsscitamet158topazlemon1.38th220868908770citrine31carats1.75Cit.rainbowtopazondescriptioncitrinepecitrine.ringtz swan190918208494_1171136764598_1190914661055_1




OCTOBER magic 2013

kunziteringkunziter kunzitej kunziteee kunziteangele kunzite kunzi







Are you ready for action?  romance?  New adventures?  Ready to step up to
life and take that next step into passion?   This magical gemstone activates the
I Can do it energy within us, as it opens our heart Chakra to being willing to
step into all of the wonders of life and more.

RED Kunzite is the stone of Bravery courage and activation, and our stone for a #1

MONTH of New Beginnings, eclipses, and so much more, use this stone to help inspire and get you UP and Away in October 2013 and into 2014


JUNE 2013 Summer is here and so are some good ideas

June 20th, 2013 as the sun enters the Sign of  Cancer we set up something called a grand tine of water.


What this means in English is you will be more sensitive, and perhaps a bit more tuned into others and their energies, SO I have some $10 suggestions for you.  Amulets of power to assist you with that next step.   And some stones which are extremely powerful and protective

Summer is here and we are updating the site, removing jewelry and adding more.  Shop, and enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon.  VISIT the amulets page please and find some WONDERFUL White green and Black Jade, animal totems, and CHINESE ZODIAC pieces.

Kylin is the protector dragon of Heaven, this piece is very special and I have several of this LUCKY PIECE, Most Chinese carry this for protection as the dragon wards away negativity while bringing prosperity and luck to heaven and Earth, he is made of several animals and VERY LUCKY:  ONLY $10

 Back Green Jade, Prosperity Dragon, only $10 this pieces are at least 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches long and WHAT A DEAL.  Go shopping on the amulets page and find your dragon today

OR your lucky Chinese Animal


and all the zodiac animals…

May 2013 10% specials SHOP now

Feel you need protection?  there is a huge selection of smoky quartz on my site along with some Smoky mixed with CITRINE so the energy stays clear and not only are you energetically protected but you have the UPPER more cheerful energy of citrine.

Feel you need to not protect yourself but to open yourself to listening, to guides and angels, maybe developing your psychic abilities and increasing your connection to the universe?  How about WONDERFUL moonstone which comes in many lovely colors?
Moonstone is the YIN, intuitive energy and blue, helps with clarity, Pink, love, and add another stone like these lovely GARNET and pink Moonstone earrings and bring abundance, power and passion to yourself

I believe September 2012 holds many opportunities for energy shifts, want to do the work and ground in, visit my pages and learn about gemstones for FREE:  and maybe even order something wonderful for yourself or as a gift.  (WANT TO SEE MY JEWELRY IN PERSON?  E mail carolastro@carolbrbeau.com ***

Want a jewelry PRESCRIPTION?  $30 for a personalized recommendation from your astrology chart, or your energy need right now:  Pay pal option is on my http://www.carolbarbeau.com website under services, pick the $30 option and e mail me your question and i will make some suggestions based on what you need right now:

HI and Welcome to the Energy of Virgo and Libra which are the 2 signs the sun will be in for September 2012 Virgo colors and stones are:

VIRGO colors are Blue, yellow, gray, tan and navy and lilac Use yellow to inspire the mind   Stones are Blue & all colors of sapphire, zircon, agate, clear quartz, amethyst, aventurine, citrine, carnelian, rose quartz, pyrite, and lapis

Add to this Scorpio (north Node and Mars in Scorpio) and Water,  Earth With Pluto in Capricorn and Virgo energy, and Air for Libra and we have a well balanced energy month.   SCORPIO colors are red, black, violet and midnight blue, emerald green is healing. Stones are Topaz, Pearls,  Iolite, bloodstone, iron, Aventurine, Obsidian, Citrine, Malachite, Rhodenite

LIBRA colors are ivory, pink, pale green and rose use healing ray of BLUE  Stones are sapphire, opal, chrysoprase, Rose quartz, Amber, Agate, Obsidian, tourmaline

WHAT WOULD HELP YOU BALANCE YOUR ENERGY better?   I am offering 10% discount and FREE  shipping for over $50 orders.

AUGUST 2012 and the time of MANIFESTING Fire and passion is here

Are you finally ready to accept and honor your wishes and dreams?  Are you ready to step into your power?   Well, with the Sun Shining in the sign of LEO until August 22nd the time of fire and passion and honoring and opening to your dreams is here

August is the 8th month in a number 5 year of change in 2012 making this a  Number 4 month of anchoring in our intentions, wishes and dreams.   All of the I CAN DO IT gemstones on the rings page would work wonderfully this month as would all the  Fire stones, like   Emeralds  





Powerful Orangy  Brazilian Citrine




BUT my personal choice is a wonderful energy which goes so well with all the power stones and it is  Marcasite sometimes called White  pyrite can be used for scrying; ancient Mayans searched for hidden knowledge in polished slabs of these stones. They are also famous for attracting good fortune and money. Pyrite and Marcasite are born of Earth and Fire; they are strongly grounding stones, good for balancing excessive energies and tethering the spirit to the body during astral projection.
          Associated with the Earth Star (beneath the feet) and root (tip of spine) chakras, these iron-based stones have healing properties beneficial to the blood and circulatory systems, the sexual organs, the spine, the bladder, and kidneys. Both stones enhance sexual attractiveness and sensuality.(TALK ABOUT AN ASSISTANCE STONE TO THE
I CAN DO IT ENERGY, expensive, and hard to find and these rings I have found are OF
EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY as are the gemstones with the Marcasite



Please feel free to go shopping and take 10% off of your purchase, please mention the discount when shopping and orders over $50 have free shipping.  Please visit my site and learn about the gemstones and their usages.   Have fun and I hope to hear from you, please if you find something you want to purchase e mail me at carolastro@carolbarbeau.com with your number and item and I will pull it for you and arrange payment.   HAPPY AUGUST and after the 22nd when the sun moves to Virgo we still have lots of fire in the sky, and a FULL BLUE MOON on August 31st which brings in some wonderful PISCES and VIRGO energy, dreams, and visions into manifestation..

      WOW:   Can it get better than this?  HAPPY AUGUST 2012

JULY 2012 10% Discount… is here and it is time to reconnect to source








Everything on this page is in stock, but some not onto the website yet, just contact me by e mail carolastro@carolbarbeau.com and descripe the piece and I will send you price and size.

July 2012 has a Mercury retrograde in LEO, we are aspiring this month to reawaken our passions and connect to listening to inner voice.  My suggestions for some gemstones are below…   I love Garnets for passion and the new rings pages are not done but..there are many new things for you to look at. (LOTS MORE COMING)   one of the new energies which i have in Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, Topaz and Ruby with  the addition of :

Marcasite sometimes called White  pyrite can be used for scrying; ancient Mayans searched for hidden knowledge in polished slabs of these stones. They are also famous for attracting good fortune and money. Pyrite and Marcasite are born of Earth and Fire; they are strongly grounding stones, good for balancing excessive energies and tethering the spirit to the body during astral projection.
          Associated with the Earth Star (beneath the feet) and root (tip of spine) chakras, these iron-based stones have healing properties beneficial to the blood and circulatory systems, the sexual organs, the spine, the bladder, and kidneys. Both stones enhance sexual attractiveness and sensuality.(TALK ABOUT AN ASSISTANCE STONE TO THE
I CAN DO IT ENERGY, expensive, and hard to find and these rings I have found are OF
EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY as are the gemstones with the Marcasite

July also carries the energy of intuition with planets in the sign of Cancer and though the LEO (Fire energy is strong) Many of you  may want to look at the more protective stones, and for those who are TRULY READY there is Larimar:

(REMEMBER to ask for the 10% discount on all of my wonderful gemstones, I attempt to get the BEST QUALITY to you for extremely LOW prices, you will be astonished at the quality, size and incredible deals you will get and there is a 10 day return policy if you are not completely satisfied:

Larimar’s beautiful blue color reflects “answers from the sea of consciousness” while softening, enlightening and healing in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways. Larimar has excellent energy for communicating with dolphins, sea creatures of all kinds and is known as the “Atlantis” stone. Emitting energy of Love, Larimar represents peace and clarity.   Inspiring and assisting one toward improvement, one is calmed and able to keep their energy collected allowing one to “see” events or the true Self from a different perspective. Let the magic of Larimar endow your higher beauty! You too deserve to be a Larimar Princess! 


The last piece on the end is 2 and 1/2 inches long and over 60 carats of REAL LARIMAR and Sterling Silver, these are wonderful quality stones and vvery unusual and unique and

extremely REASONABLY Priced so in JULY remember, if you want to reawaken passion with a bang and GET IT GROUNDED in, use Garnets, and Marcasite, and if you want to gently and easily reawaken this energy LARIMAR is your stone of choice  


June 2012 is the 6th month of a 5 yer of change making this a magical 11 Month of Master spiritual relationships.  My choices are varied for this month. As the eclipses and Venus retrograde brings a rather different energy to us all.  Many will really need centering and with  so many options these stones help keep you centered on what you NEED vs. what maybe you think you want right now:

 I will continue the 30% discount on the amulets and angels page and suggest that for many of you centering and grounding stones may be what you need: 

They are Black Tourmaline: smoky quartz, Tourmaline Druzy , Rutilated quartz and other protective and energizing grounding stones.

 I have all the descriptions of the stones on the Rings site, but not all the new rings added..or rings from the last show and since the page lost all its rings, it is slow going getting all 200  rings back on.  I have .Many more new pieces  coming this month,also.  SO please  read about the stones and think about adding some centering energy to your jewelry box this June.  Onyx might be a great choice also:Black or Green




May was the 5th month of a number 5 year, making this month a month of new beginnings and changes.

I am offering 30% off all the angels on the angel page and the same on the Amulets page, shop now and I will get the rest of the website up with new things and take all the other stuff sold at the shows off.  But the angels page, rings page and Amulets pages are up to date, shop and enjoy your 30% off.  OVER $50 after discount and I waive shipping fees

April is here and we are now in the eye of changes and opening to LOVE

April is the 4th month of a #5 year, making April 2012 a karmic 9 of endings month:

What do you need to eliminate in your life?  What blocks you from love of life, of work, of relationships, or maybe even honoring and love of self?

The full moon on the 6th in Aries (self)  and Libra (others)
is about relationships   which resonates to my first stone of choice, simple, easy and
Where do all relationships really begin?  With honoring self and loving self, and what
better stone could there be for this than ROSE QUARTZ, mixed with Amethyst you have an added boost of energy.

By itself Rose quartz is the stone which asks for you to gently and easily open your heart
because you have now learned how to put yourself first and can now trust love into your life.  Mix it with other stones for clarity, protection and this is a stone which we all need at some time to come back to



If you feel that you need some Further heart healing, there is no stone better for this next step on
your path than Pink Kunzite Which  opens the heart to all forms of love by healing us

The gentle energy of kunzite helps to release blocks in matters of the heart and allows one to move to a more receptive state. It is an especially wonderful gift stone, opening a silent communion of joy and delight.

Healing properties of Kunzite Gaze at or hold a kunzite to release daily stress, smooth out knotted muscles, calm nerves, anger or fear. This stone is said to
actually help heal physical heart problems, I cannot guarantee that but I can tell you that anyone needing heart healing needs the gentle and Wonderfully uplifting energy of this very rare and fabulous stone: 



Kunzite comes in Pink, white and RED KUNZITE is my stone of choice for those who are healed, have opened their hearts and are READY set to go , Red kunzite is heat treated but one of my most FAVORITE stones, the glow inside of the stone reflects, passion, love, and adventure. 



SO in April of 2012 are you ready to love life, to love choices, adventure, and open your heart first and then your life?   Enjoy and Happy April 2012 to you all


March 21, 2012 NEW Moon IN Aries and a NEW Stone energy for your path

COPPER GREEN TURQUOISE::: I LOVE THIS STONE: On this page perhaps you, like me will learn about an new enrgy. Did you know that 78% of all turquoise mined is inbuded with a stabalizing element?

Did you know that Turquoise in Arizona is almost always very near or even Part of a copper mine? Well, this is what happens when Turquoise the stone of shamanic energy and connection with higher source meets Copper.

Copper magically conducts energy and opens us up to Listen more carefully and absorb. WOW: here we go now as the color Green of prosperity, healing and heart energy comes in and I promise these are spectacular pieces, I only have a few now, but lots more coming: AND the 2nd introduction for you is to
COPPER WHITE GOLD TURQUOISE  white is the color of purity and Gold is the energy of the sun, the ME, the light and the NOW:  wow…another new one which I hope you enjoy as much as I do ..




Turquoise is to connect you to source ..THIS IS THE SHAMANIC opening energy stone and FEELS Great as we are opening to our own inner healer. Clear often in the sunlight for an hour or so and ENJOY::: White, Green and Golden Arizona copper turquoise information. In Arizona nearly all important deposits of turquoise are located near copper occurrences or in copper deposits in arid desert regions of the world. Thus, the world famous turquoise deposits associated with certain of the large Arizona copper deposits are to be expected. Turquoise is or has been mined from a number of these copper mines as a byproduct, usually by outside contractors.

Turquoise is an extremely soft stone which absorbs the energy of minerals which is mixes with in the mine, Heat treatments to stabilize the turquoise (almost all Turquoise is stablaized ) create the colors, so you would look at the component of copper conducting energy, then the color of the Turquoise and then the energy of Turquoise, mix it all together and you have a NEW AND WONDERFUL metaphysical energy

Green for healing ….White for clarity and purity. Gold for material and spiritual growth, Turquoise or blue green for healing and clarity,

Turquoise (copper and aluminum phosphate): calming; communication; loyalty; peace of mind: The most shamanic stone energetically natural to our deserts in the United States, Arizona, California, New Mexico have huge mines and they are all near Copper mines: Turquoises are reasonably soft gemstones and thus quite sensitive. When turquoise is mined, a very low percentage of it is useable for turquoise jewelry. Since the color may also fade out in the course of wearing. In fact, most of your turquoise bracelets and necklaces are either mined from that small percentage that has adequate hardness, or are enhanced. Today even the top qualities receive a waxing and subsequent hardening treatment.


COPPER - This mineral can combat lethargy, passivity, restlessness, excitability and non-acceptance of oneself.

It stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy and independence. It emits a philosophic energy, free of orthodoxy and bias.

Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit thought. It is said to be a bestower of good, bringing benefit to its wearer.

It opens an activates the base a sacral chakras, advancing and stabilizing the the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality. It allows one to recognize the barriers which are in the path of ones development.

March shopping offers 10% discount on orders over $50



 Please visit the site and see the newest in stones and the NEW FAVORITE  GREEN ONYX, it is grounding and centering and JOYFUL feeling at the same time, WOW: I love this energy and am ordering all that I can along with wonderful  RUTILATED QUARTZ with its lovely GOLDEN wands in Clear quartz, bringing connections to guides and angels and allowing us to better hear the songs being sung to us.